Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Condition of Tourism X Games govern the conditions for registered Teams (hereinafter the "Conditions").
  2. The organizer of theTourism X Games (the "Action") is TXGMS s.r.o., headquartered Fabiánova 3/607, Prague 5, 150 00 (hereinafter "Organizer").
  3. Event is open to any legal entity (the "Team"), which operates in the field of tourism. Participation in the event is voluntary and arises from the log team and pay 100% of the entry fee (the amount is credited to the account). Team by participating in this event indicates its acceptance of these Terms.
  4. The entry fee covers participation in all sports events including mentoring, supervision, processing results, prizes, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, all day drinks and breakfast the next day) and accommodation for one night in a hotel, all for the whole team, ie. 3 persons.
  5. Each entity has the option to sign up to three teams. Teams are only three-membered.
  6. Each team may invite fans (colleagues - can alternate; members of the family), the number of fans the team identified in the application, every fan is charged. Includes accommodation for one night in the hotel, catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner breakfast, drinks) a full participation in the social evening and participate in sporting disciplines in the case of replacement of a member of the team (eg. in case of injury or fatigue, change must be reported to and approved by the organizer).
  7. Organizer is not responsible for any damages caused by teams or team members to health and property in connection with participation in this event. Each participant is insured against accidents during the event.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion or event is canceled in case of force majeure without compensation. In the case of participation of 12 teams and less action will be canceled and a refund will be equal to 70 % of the entry fee.
  9. Organizer reserves the right, without notice and exclude any compensation from the Action Team that will participate in the event conflict with the law, these Terms and Conditions, morality, or their actions threaten the reputation of the provider or its business partners.
  10. The Team participation in the event organizer is in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, and the Act. no. 480/2004 Coll. on certain information society services and amending certain laws, as amended, consent to the processing of personal data and consent to the use of their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, names and surnames in order to establish contact with the party for Action and also for the purposes of sending commercial communication of information on stocks and other marketing events Organizer.
  11. The team is entitled to their participation in the event to cancel under the following conditions. Within 60 days before the event - will be refunded 100 % of the entry fee. 30 days before the event - will refund 50 % of entry fee. Within 14 days before the event - will be refunded 10 % of the entry fee.
  12. These Terms and Conditions are for the duration of its validity is available on the website www.tourismxgames.cz. The organizer is entitled to these Terms and Conditions at any time to update or amend, with effect from the date of publication of changes in conditions on site www.tourismxgames.cz unless specified later date.
  13. Action conditions and legal relations between the organizers and the teams are governed by Czech law.