Registration for the Winter Tourism X Games 2018

Entry fee for Winter Tourism X Games 2018 (Sportovní areál Hamr, Praha - Braník, April 30th 2019) is CZK 2.985 / 3person team and includes participation in all sports activities and catering. The deadline for registration is on Saturday 30th March 2019. Maximum capacity of the event - 36 teams.

Each team may invite fans (colleagues - canalternatea team member, family members), the number of the fans is identified in the application, every fan is charged CZK 700, which includes catering to full participation in the social evening, accommodation and participation in sporting disciplines in the case of replacement of a member of the team (eg. in case of an injury or a fatigue, a change must be reported to and approved by the organizer).

In the event that you have already registered, but we're not together, the names of all team members, at least write the name of the captain, other names, please inform the organizer 10 days before the event.

Items marked with (*) are required.
when multiple teams within the same company, please differentiate teams with I, II, …